Bundling your Internet and cable services can be a great way to save money. It's always good keeping bills to a minimum, so if you're able to get your Internet and cable service on the same invoice, it saves you the hassle of having to keep track of multiple billing statements. When you go to sign up for your Internet bundle, you may be presented with the option to add digital video recording (DVR) services to your bundle. If you find yourself hesitating because it might cost a little more to get the DVR, see why it's an investment that you can believe in.

Not Everything Is On Demand

Many cable companies offer a feature called On Demand. On Demand allows a subscriber to go back and watch certain shows that they may have missed. When you're asked whether or not you want the DVR, you might say no just because you've heard about On Demand. However, there are some things about the On Demand service that you should know.

Firstly, many of the shows that appear On Demand only show up after a certain time has passed. If you're on any social media platform, you know how quickly the word spreads about some of the hottest shows. If you happened to miss an episode when it aired, you could find yourself upset at a virtual friend who spilled the beans about the plot twist that you've been waiting for all season long.

Also, not every show comes On Demand. Some premiers, features, and wildly popular shows only air once and are not included in the On Demand lineup. 

DVR Lets You Have TV Your Way

A DVR has the capacity to record several hours' worth of television shows and movies. You'll have the ability to record the shows you want on an automatic schedule that works around what you have going on each day.

Maybe there's a particular series that you love but can never get to because of work. Set your DVR to record it every week, and you can watch the episodes while you're cleaning up your home early each Saturday morning.

The relatively small amount of money that you pay for a DVR is sure to be more than worth the price. You can ditch any older recording methods you may have in favor of a compact DVR that offers you the same features and much more.