Being in the age of information opens a lot of possibilities to the world. Everything is accessible, right at our fingertips in just a few clicks.

There's better technology with faster implementation time, the ability to integrate systems, but there are still companies with antiquated systems. If you have old systems that you are clinging to and IT support are patching them to keep them running, then the answer to the first question is yes. Your tech is slowing you down. 

What's so bad about using older tech? It's older and slower, but it works. That may be true, but the fact that it's slow and additional work has to be put in to maintain it will mean that inevitably, it is slowing and costing your business more. Your systems are probably only accessible from the office, meaning your business is only truly open when your employees are physically in the office at their desks.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Utilizing cloud technologies is a first step to make in digital transformation. Storing emails, files, and records on local machines mean you have to keep increasing space to store it all. The more space they use, the slower systems run in trying to find them all. Moving to a cloud-based email platform such as Gmail means that mail is stored elsewhere, not locally on your machines. So, if someone goes on vacation without sending a really important email - they can log on from wherever they are and send it. The same can be applied to your documents with Office 365. Documents can be made accessible from anywhere and stored elsewhere to free up your space.

Manual vs Automation

Most manual data entry into old systems is now automated in newer software. Setting up new employees, for example: just enter the name and what reporting line they will fall into, and there are software that will create absolutely everything else needed - employee number, email address, cost center information, an HR folder… the works!

It's not just about making life more streamlined. It will mean that some tasks you no longer need to employ someone for, so you can put that headcount into somewhere that will generate revenue.

Rules and Regulations

Storing information is tricky and needs to be kept within certain rules. New technology is made with this in mind so that when audited, it's simple. A few clicks and you can show reports on every area of the business.

So it isn't only about old tech slowing you down; it's also about it restricting your growth.