You might be inclined to keep all of your computer servers on location because it makes it easier to make changes to your systems. However, you might want to consider using a colocation center, which will keep your servers in a secure location. There are three main reasons why you want to consider using a colocation center.

1. They'll Do a Better Job Protecting Your Servers From Physical Damage 

Colocation centers are well equipped to deal with any sources of physical damage that might occur in the building. They have advanced fire protection to shut down any fire that might accidentally occur in the building by containing it to a very specific area and then deploying fire-fighting measures, such as sprinklers, to immediately shut down the fire. They will also have advanced security systems to prevent anyone from being able to come into the building and physically damage the servers. This will ensure that anything you have hosted or stored on the servers will not go down. 

You might have fire prevention and other security measures in your building, but they will be designed to protect the entire building, not just your servers. Colocation centers will have measures specifically designed to stop anything from happening to the servers.

2. Redundant Power Supplies

Another reason why you should consider using colocation servers is because they will have the redundant power supplies needed to make sure that your servers never stop functioning. Should there be a power outage in the area where your server is located, they will have the backup generators to keep the servers running. Although your building might have backup generators or other extra sources of power, they will usually be used to keep the entire building powered, not just your servers.

3. High Levels of Internet Security

Because the entire point of the colocation center is to protect the data that their clients have on the servers, they will be able to invest a great deal of money in firewalls and other methods to protect from denial of distribution attacks and malicious software. Your business will likely have some forms of protection, but not at the same level because it will have a lower budget for Internet security. Your information and websites will be much better protected at a colocation center. 

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